Web Design

Web design

We offer design advice and communicate with you all the way through the design process to ensure you get the website you require. We also offer a FREE content management system with our websites so you get the freedom to change the content yourself!

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Web Hosting

Web hosting

Managing your website is easy with our advanced web hosting control panel. Our web hosting control panel has been created in-house by our development team, which means it is tailored just for our customers.

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Domain Name Registration

Domain names

Domain name registration is the cheap and easy way to make your mark on the web. If you've ever fancied having yourname.com, now's the time to register your domain name with WebMe. We offer many different domain name extensions to give you more choice and flexibility.

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Quick start

Not sure where to start? Maybe the links below will help.

Heartbleed - Our Stance and Advice

Hopefully you will have heard about Heartbleed, it's been widely reported on various media over the last couple of days. In summary Heartbleed enables criminals to steal all sorts of data held and accessed through an encrypted channel called SSL, represented by a website address that starts in https…

How do I stop my embedded YouTube video from showing related videos?

There is nothing more annoying, when trying to promote your product or service, than inadvertently advertising a competitor or having the shine taken off your presentation by having a bunch of completely unrelated "suggestions" being flung at your viewer to distract them and send them off on a tange…

New .UK Registrations Coming This Year

You may have already read the news but Nominet, the organisation that manages the UK domain space, has announced that they will release the .uk TLD into the public domain.What does this mean to you?Basically you will be able to register yourdomainname.uk as well as the curr…

Important information for WordPress users

Update 23/04/2013:We have now introduced a page with a captcha to help address the ongoing attempts by the botnet to access WordPress and Joomla websites. When you go to your admin/ login page you will be asked to enter the captcha to continue. We feel this is a more elegant, us…

Upgrades for PHP, Apache and phpMyAdmin

As we strive to provide the best, most stable and secure shared hosting platform on the Internet it gives us great pleasure to announce that we have just upgraded phpMyAdmin to version 3.5.6 and we will be upgrading our shared web servers to Apache 2.4.3 with support for PHP 5.4 included.Wha…

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