Random Password Generator in PHP

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Today we thought we’d share our random PHP password generator code with you. This function returns a variable length password comprised of upper and lower case characters with numbers. Simply pass the desired password length to the function.

function RandomPW($myLength) {
 $strPW = '';
 //These constant are the minimum and maximum length for random
 //length passwords.  Adjust these values to your needs.
 $minLength = 6;
 $maxLength = 20;

 if ($myLength == 0) {
  $myLength = rand($minLength, $maxLength);

 for ($X=1;$X<=$myLength;$X++) {
  //Randomize the type of this character
  $Y = rand(1,3); //(1) Numeric, (2) Uppercase, (3) Lowercase
  switch ($Y) {
   case 1:
    //Numeric character
    $strPW = $strPW.chr(rand(48, 57));
   case 2:
    //Uppercase character
    $strPW = $strPW.chr(rand(65, 90));
   case 3:
    //Lowercase character
    $strPW = $strPW.chr(rand(97, 122));
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