What does Unlimited hosting mean at WebMe?

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A lot of web hosting companies, including ourselves, make bold claims about offering unlimited web hosting features such as unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases etc. We see a lot of discussion on forums about what this actually means and questioning how anything can really be unlimited when no one (not even Google or Microsoft) can have an unlimited number of servers to draw power from.

What we mean by unlimited is that we have so many resources at our disposal and we have invested so much money in to our infrastructure that our customers never have to worry about hitting a limit because the allowance available is so large it won’t ever be stretched to breaking point.

Unlike other web hosts our business model is not based around running servers at capacity to wring every last cent out of the bottom line. Why? Because this ignores the unpredictable nature of internet usage. If one customer has a sudden and dramatic spike in traffic it could bring the entire shared server down, affecting hundreds of other customers. We just don’t think it’s worth the risk.

With this in mind, we build in extra capacity in to a server and don’t allow any server to get even near maximum capacity so that no customer can drain a server’s performance levels. The same goes for bandwidth, database servers and mail servers.

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