Choosing a Domain Name

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There are several considerations when choosing your new domain name.
You want your name to be short and easy for a human to remember and type but you also want a name that is going to hold you in good stead in the Search Engine results.

For this reason we often advise our customers to go for two domain names. One nice and short for the humans and one keyword rich for the robots (Search Engines). You can then use your nice short domain name in the marketing material aimed at non-web users (i.e. in printed ads, on business literature, in radio ads, on vehicles, etc.) and use your Search Engine friendly domain name everywhere on the Internet and in your Search Engine marketing.

We will happily help you choose your new domain names and advise you how to setup a 301 redirection from your simple name to your search engine friendly name to help avoid duplicate content penalties.

Visit our domain name section to register your domain names.

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