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We are always looking for feedback from our customers about how we can improve our web hosting. Based on this feedback, we have just put live a brand new file manager in eXtend. The first thing you will notice is how much more attractive it looks compared to the previous version. On top of this, you’ll also be able to navigate around the features more quickly and intuitively.

The new file manager is available for all of our web hosting customers who do not use our CMS.

This is a screenshot of the new File Manager:
File Manager in eXtendFrom here you can see your file names, the file’s size, the file type (HTML, PHP etc.), the date it was last modified and the permissions.
The new GUI at the top gives you access to all your file management options including uploading files, creating new folders, copying and moving files, renaming files and changing a file’s chmod command.

Right clicking on a file brings up a short cut menu…
Right Click MenuAnd the option to edit the file in a ‘Rich editor’
Rich EditorPlease note: The previous file manager has not been completely removed, and visitors using old browsers will continue to see the old version of the file manager.

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