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There has been a lot in the news recently regarding hackers stealing login details for various websites and web services and using the same credentials to easily discover passwords for other websites. This is due to the large number of Internet users who use the same password for a large proportion of their online services. This was reinforced recently by the Sony Playstation hack which revealed that password security is even worse than feared.

You can protect yourself online by using a different password for every website that you visit; this is fine in theory but in practice it becomes a lot more difficult. A lot of websites (especially banking) require several passwords or pieces of information, thus making remembering your security details even more difficult.

So what do you do? Well one solution is to store all of your usernames, passwords and memorable data in a document somewhere; and before you all yell that this is a ludicrous and terribly insecure thing to do, you should then store this document on an encrypted, password protected drive. An Encrypted USB drive is ideal for this purpose. You then only need to remember one password.

When choosing a password try to make it a minimum of twelve characters and include numbers and non-alphanumeric characters also (e.g. £$%^&*).

There are several types of Encrypted USB drive on the market:

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