The Importance of Quality Copy

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The BBC published an interesting and very valid article today on the cost of poor spelling and the negative affect that it has on revenue generation for online businesses.

The article quoted online entrepreneur Charles Duncombe who has been “shocked at the poor quality of written English”.
It is very plausible that misspellings and poor grammar will put off customers, especially if you are selling a service that may be to produce some form of written copy for your customers.

A classic example is the web design business. If your web designer makes basic errors on their website copy it’s highly likely that they will do it on yours; but how commonplace is poor spelling in our industry?
We took a look at our closest competitors and were quite surprised at some of the errors we found*:

Spelling mistakes should be a thing of the past in this day and age; the majority of software packages include spell checkers. It really is worth taking the time to review what you’ve written and pass it to another to proof read; after all this is the first impression that you make to your potential clients.

A good web designer will correct your copy for you and point out errors, but once it’s in your hands the responsibility to maintain good copy is yours.

Permalink to the BBC article.
*Hopefully they’ll read our article and correct their errors!

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