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With the mobile revolution came many new and innovative ways to advertise and market your website and one of these that has grown in popularity recently is the QR (Quick Response) code.
The QR code is a type of matrix barcode that can contain various types of data such as a web address, a telephone number, an email address or some text.

Many modern mobile phones are capable of reading QR codes with pre-installed software and acting upon what they read.
The marketing advantage of QR codes becomes immediately apparent. If you have an advert in a magazine or newspaper, or a display stand at a show or conference then you can display the QR code that represents your web address. This enables mobile users to visit your website instantly without even having to enter the address. You could print your QR code on your menus, business cards, company vehicles and products. See some examples below:

On a rug

QR Code on Wine Bottle

On a wine bottle

QR Code on a billboard

On a billboard

As you can see, the uses for QR codes are only limited by your imagination.

If you wish to create a QR code then feel free to use our free online QR code generator.

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