Removing a Follower in Twitter without Blocking

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How do I delete a follower in Twitter without using the Block User function?

We recently had this question from a customer using Twitter and we were surprised to find that it’s not as straight forward as it may seem and the answer (as of the time of this post) is really a hack. So we thought we’d post it up here to help out other Twitter users who wish to remove followers without blocking them.

  • The best way to do this is to log into your Twitter account and go to your Followers.
  • Find the want you want to remove.
  • Now open their full profile in a new browser tab, you’ll need to access it in a minute.
  • Back in your original tab with your follower list click the on the user drop down button and select Block @username.
  • Now they’re gone as a follower, but wait you may not want them to know you’ve blocked them.
  • Remember the other tab we opened with their profile in it? Refresh it.
  • Now click on Unblock and the user will no longer be blocked by you.
  • Go back to your followers and refresh, you’ll see they’re still not there.
  • Congratulations, you’ve successfully deleted a follower without blocking them.

It’s a hack and a workaround which hopefully will be rectified by Twitter soon.

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39 Responses to Removing a Follower in Twitter without Blocking

  1. Kogeefunk says:

    Awesome tip! And it’s free! THANKS!

  2. Fiona says:

    Great this works! But I didn’t have to perform this step: “Now click on Unblock and the user will no longer be blocked by you” because once I have clicked Refresh on the new tab – it is showing “Block user” I presume then that the user is no longer blocked by me.

  3. Steve says:

    Genius! Thanks!

  4. snow says:

    Thaaaaaaaaaaanks. it works. i thought its impossible.

  5. John says:

    Still works! Thanks a lot!

  6. JE says:

    Awesome tip. Worked first time. Thanks!

  7. Koohoo says:

    neat trick! Thanks!!

  8. Billie says:

    But can it be just simply “Go to his/her profile (the one you want to remove), click block then unblock.

  9. Ariadne says:

    This stuff works like a charm!!!! Thanks!!!! xD

  10. Zanky says:

    As of today this still works. Thanks very much!!!!

  11. Lilye says:

    Thank you! It works!

  12. Peter says:

    Thank you! I’m glad somebody figured this out. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this for a long time. I wish Twitter would allow you to protect specific tweets, but unfortunately, it’s all or nothing. So I have 2 accounts, 1 protected and 1 public. My protected account was originally public, however. So I’ve always wanted to drop some followers without expressly blocking them.

  13. Francis says:

    Just tried this tip to get rid of a follower who was becoming too intersted in what I was doing. It woked a treat thanks

  14. Doinx says:

    This worked. Thanks!

  15. harleyretinol says:

    Thanks so much! Works like magic!

  16. R Z says:

    Wow! Still works! Thanks a lot!

  17. bandit says:

    Brilliant way to get rid of the snoopers !!

  18. Shervin says:

    Amazing. it WORKS

  19. newgeek says:

    This was f****n straight .. πŸ˜‰ i used the same thing, and was googling as if someone got the step by step tutorial..
    I’m gonna share this on my blog now πŸ˜‰ lazy me.. i know

    Thanks by the way

  20. Dave says:

    The revised short version works great – thanks, now got rid of a strange follower

  21. Aravind says:

    Works Great!!

  22. Will says:

    Nice one, thanks – worked a treat! That problem was beginning to annoy me! πŸ™‚

  23. khalid says:

    Thank you so much really helped me.

  24. Carol says:


  25. Chris says:

    That worked a treat, Thank you so much. It’s ridiculous that Twitter has no delete follower button. Blocking doesn’t seem to remove their profile from your followers list and I don’t want to see a porn account every time i look at my followers!

  26. k laxmikant says:

    thanks,i remove unwanted one

  27. kayla manson says:

    Oh my goodness! Thank you so much!

  28. Angelo says:

    It is still working! Thanks for this

  29. Whizza says:

    Brilliant, even I could follow that – and it worked!! Thank you very much! (Where on earth do these ‘unusual’ followers come from ?!)

  30. Quinn says:

    2 and a half years since this article and it still works. Thank you so much for this tip.

  31. Jason says:

    Can a person delete multiple followers at once? My account got hacked into and suddenly 2,000 people I don’t know are sending me tweets. Twitter was no help. They didn’t respond to my help request.

  32. Marcel Noya says:

    Actually, I WANT the Follower to KNOW he/she has been BLOCKED. I really do not have the time and/or patience to follow these steps. And for my purpose, Twitter provides exactly the means and outcome I desire. –Marcel

  33. Kay says:

    Thank you for this – really helpful

  34. Mahmudur Rahman says:

    Many many thanks.

  35. Suddenlysarahlou says:

    As of today it still works. Thank you very much.

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