New .UK Registrations Coming This Year

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You may have already read the news but Nominet, the organisation that manages the UK domain space, has announced that they will release the .uk TLD into the public domain.

What does this mean to you?
Basically you will be able to register as well as the current,,, etc.
This gives the opportunity to have a slightly shorter, nicer looking UK domain name.

How do I get mine?
If you already own any existing variation of a UK domain name, for example, or you will be eligible to secure your .uk domain name, however priority will be given to the owner of the associated domain name first. If you own the version then the .uk version will automatically be reserved for you by Nominet for a period of five years to prevent cybersquatting.
You will be able to register your new UK domain name via our website or if you are an existing customer we will contact you with information.

How much will it cost?
Although final costs are yet to be confirmed it is expected that the cost will be identical to registering a domain name. We’ll keep you posted and keep the cost as low as we can.

Possible problems
Having another domain name can bring with it a host of problems however. You may wish to just sit on your new .uk domain and not actively use it to protect your trademark or identity or you may wish to use it as your new primary domain name. If you do change your primary domain name then you may find it useful to read our blog post Changing your Domain Name for tips.
As always when a new product is released there are those out there who wish to profit from it and people are already sending out misleading offers to secure .uk domain names. If you receive any offers then make sure you check the small print carefully to ensure that you fully understand what is and what is not included. Nominet have released a statement on misleading .uk registration offers that you would be well advised to read.

If you have any questions or would like further information then do contact us or leave a comment below.

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