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For hosting only customers

There are several ways to do this, it all depends on whether you are happy for a bit of downtime or not, it also depends upon whether you’re leaving your emails on our mailservers or downloading them to your local PC using POP3.

For absolutely zero downtime of email and website you will need to move your website to Heart Internet. When you purchase Starter Pro or Home Pro (monthly subscription), there is a transfer fee, which is £25 + VAT. However, if you purchase Home Pro (yearly subscription) or Business Pro (monthly or yearly subscription) the transfer will be free of charge.
Once you have your Heart Internet account contact WebMe support and we will advise you on what to do next.

If you are happy to do some work yourself and have a bit of downtime then have a look around the Internet and choose the best hosting provider for you. Once you’ve setup your new hosting package and want to make the switch contact WebMe support and we’ll arrange to transfer your domain names to your new provider. Make sure you have backed up everything you want to keep before doing this. Your new provider should be able to guide you but take a look at this blog post as well.

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