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This will be the last newsletter of the year and what a year it's been. New government, hard times forecast, costs rising! It's all doom and gloom, however we have been improving our services all year and have lots more in the pipeline, plus some good news about our prices.

New Support Database Browser

To make it event easier for you to find answers to your support queries we have launched our Support Database browser. You can access the database browser from the Customer Support homepage, common problem areas are listed by category. We will be adding to it constantly so if you've a question take a look and see if you can find some help.
Don't worry, this doesn't replace our customer support tickets; we'll always be available to answer your queries 24×7.


Video Tutorials

Another feather to our support bow! We are going to start adding video tutorials to the support site based on the most frequently asked questions that we receive. The first one (Setting up and Email Address) is already up here and we will be adding more. If there is a topic that you think would make a good tutorial then let us know by filling out the feedback form on the home page of the control panel.


Domain Renewals

We have given the Domain Management page a bit of a facelift. You can now set domains to expire without renewal if you no longer need them and also specify a renewal period for domain types that support this. Great savings can made on Global domains if you renew for longer.
Take a look here.


eXtend Facelift

On the topic of facelifts you may have noticed that we have smartened up the eXtend Control Panel. The eXtend Control Panel is where you manage all aspects of your hosting account. We hope you like the new look.


SSL to Login

In the name of security we have added the option to log into the WebMe Control Panel via SSL. SSL is an encrypted protocol which means that all data sent to and from a website is secure. We've made it optional because it is slower. There are no security risks by not using the SSL login as we encrypt passwords anyway but for those who require that extra piece of mind it is there.
The link to login via SSL is below the standard login boxes.


VAT Increase

Yes, sadly the cost of everything is set to rise next year. However we currently have no plans to raise our prices and, for the time being, we will swallow the VAT increase that is to be introduced in January. This is another example of how we strive to put our customers first and try to protect your online business.


Mac Outlook 2011 free for all Hosted Exchange customers

As a Mac user, you may have felt slightly left out when we offered all our Hosted Exchange customers a free copy of Outlook 2010 alongside their mailbox, and you might have had a little difficulty making full use of the available synchronisation features if you are running Entourage. If so, you’ll be happy to hear that we are making Outlook 2011 for Mac available for free to all WebMe customers with a Hosted Exchange mailbox.

That's it for this newsletter. If you wish to discuss anything mentioned here in more detail then please log a support ticket.
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