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Well it's nearing the end of another year and in this newsletter we summarise some of the changes we've made and some of the new features we have to offer. We'll also give you a taster of what's coming.

Changes to the CMS editor


If you use our Content Management System (CMS) to edit your website you may have notice that the editor has changed slightly. It's been upgraded and now has full iOS5 support meaning you can use it on your iPhone or iPad (if you've upgraded to iOS5 on them). The file browser has also been upgraded and images are now shown as thumbnails for easy identification. You can also resize images using the file browser, so if an image is taking too long to load because it's been scaled by the browser resize it to make the file size smaller.

GoMobi Mobile Website Builder


Our mobile phone website builder tool has been updated with more features. If you run a business then the mobile web is going to be a major source of traffic and custom so it's important to have a site that is optimised for mobile devices.

With GoMobi it's easy. Simply launch the website builder from your eXtend Control Panel and have a mobile friendly website up in minutes, with online booking, maps, even an ecommerce section. GoMobi also supplies scripts to automatically recognise mobile devices and forward them to your mobile site that you can install or get us to do it for you for free.

Order from the Add-Ons page in your WebMe control panel.

BlackBerry Enterprise Services


We've had a lot of people requesting BlackBerry Enterprise Services (BES) on our Hosted Microsoft Exchange platform, so we're happy to announce that it's now available to all web hosting customers.

BES gives you the same level of functionality for Microsoft Exchange mailboxes as other ActiveSync devices (such as iPhones and many Android phones). You'll be able to sync email, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes and more between your BlackBerry and your Exchange Mailbox, saving time and hassle if you're a business user.

Please note that typically only those with business mobile tariffs will be able to add BlackBerry Enterprise Services as consumer handsets tend to have the functionality disabled.

Contact us for more information.

Web Tools

If you visit our website regularly you'll notice that we have a new web tools section. Here we provide some useful resources for web development and marketing such as Web Header Viewer, QR Code Generator, Colour Picker, JavaScript Packer, WhoIs Lookup and Google Page Rank Checker.

A Change to Authentication Details

We will soon be modifying our control panel login system to only accept your registered email address as your username. Those of you who are currently using their domain name as your login will need to be aware that this change will be occuring soon.

Coming Soon

In the New Year we will be introducing VPS hosting and performing a major facelift on the WebMe Control Panel. Something to look forward to.


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