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In this edition we thought we would like to introduce you to the various support features of your account control panel that you may be unaware of or may not use.
We will also let you know what improvements we have made to the support system since the last newsletter and tell you about some exciting new features coming up in the future.

New Features

We have been focusing strongly on customer support and customer help this month and have finally dealt (we believe) with the most frequently reported area of confusion - Emails.
From your account control panel you can now have access to a fairly comprehensive knowledge base of common email problems, configurations and questions.
The link is located under the Help & Support section and is called Email Help (strangely enough!), if you click on it you'll see a page with links to the knowledge base and some quick links to the most popular guides for setting up your email client, it will also tell you your POP3 and SMTP server addresses.
This should be your first port of call if you have questions or problems with your emails as it is likely the answer is there.

Another thing that we are currently working on, and something that has been lacking, is a new series of Factsheets.
These factsheets will be your step-by-step guide on all aspects of the WebMe control panel and Content Management System, keep checking that section as we will be adding more factsheets over the coming months.

We also have a new link for the system status page: www.status.webme.org.uk.
Our system status page is located in an offsite location so that it can be accessed externally.
We suggest you add our system status page to your web browser favourites so that it can be accessed if your WebMe control panel is inaccessible. If you are having a connection issue with your website or email please check the system status page before contacting customer support.

Finally we have added Live Help to our arsenal of customer support tools.
Live Help will be available during office hours and is an area where you can chat in real time to a member of the support team. Simply click on the Live Help image and if a member of staff is online then enter your name and your query and someone will reply to your question straight away. If no one is available you can leave a message and we will reply to it as soon as possible, or log a Support Ticket.

eXtend Control Panel

We have also added a few features to your eXtend Control Panel. You now have access to a WHOIS lookup tool - this enables you to find out registration information about any domain name, a Trace lookup - advanced users only; and various web resources - logos, banners and various pieces of clipart that you may find useful.

Coming Up

Shortly we will be introducing various add-ons that you can choose to apply to your account, features such as Advanced Search Engine Statistics, Mailing Lists, Junk Email Filters, Blogs, Forums, Guestbooks and much more, but that's for another newsletter.

If you have any requests for a newsletter topic then why not let us know? Email newsletter@webme.co.uk.

Well that's it for this newsletter, we hope you made it to the end!

See you in the next newsletter,


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