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It's been far too long since the last newsletter - good for us because we've been too busy to write one, but bad for you because you haven't had the opportunity of an enthralling and unmissable read for a couple of months. Our apologies.

As well as an extremely busy couple of months developing sites for new clients, welcome to you, we have been beavering away on our new online website builder product which we are hoping to launch by the end of August/early September. This is a self servce, subscription based product that will enable users to create their own websites online using a fantastically easy tool.

WebMe Add-ons

We have also been developing a series of add-ons that you can add to your website and hosting account, we just haven't written the page for you to order them yet, but if you are interested in learning more after reading this simply log a support ticket and we'll get in touch.

Available Add-ons

  1. Testimonial Manager - add, edit and delete testimonials from your clients and display them on your website to show what fantastic customer service you offer.
  2. Availability Calendar - create customised calendars for your website that show your availability or the availability of rooms you have to rent. You can configure the colour scheme and easily mark days as booked or available. This is ideal for any that run a rental business, a B&B or any service that requires the client to book time.
  3. Advanced Search Engine Statistics - find out what search terms have been used to find your site and which search engine was used for the query. Instantly click through to the page in the search engine where your result is displayed. Filter results by date and view a pie chart showing an overview by search engine.
  4. Mailing Lists - just like this one. A subscribe/unsubscribe button is added to your website and you can send out emails easily via your control panel to the customers on your mailing list. We use this add-on to send our mailing list emails. Great for encouraging visitors back to your website.
  5. Junk Email Filters - totally configurable filters to help eliminate spam and junk mail. Accessed via your eXtend Control Panel setup filters on individual email accounts or on your entire domain. You can also configure the level of protection that you require.
  6. Advanced Form Validation - if you are receiving garbage from your contact forms why not ask us to install our CAPTCHA system on your form? With this system users have to type in a displayed code that computers cannot read before they can send information via your contact form. This eliminates the programs that crawl the web submitting duff data to you via your contact form.

There are more such as Blogs, Forums and Guestbooks but we'll be adding them over time.
In the meantime here are a few images of the Add-ons mentioned above:

Testimonial Manager Availability Manager
Testimonial Manager Calendar
Form Validation Search Engine Statistics
Captcha Search Engine Stats

Contact Details Update

For any of you that still have our old telephone number (0870 2244850) please note that this number is now obsolete. Our new number is 0117 230 2530, please update your records.

Again, if you are interested in any of the Add-ons, please contact support and someone will be more than happy to assist you.

Well that's it for this newsletter, we hope you made it to the end!

See you in the next newsletter,


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