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Well the clocks go back this weekend and Autumn is in full swing.
Here at WebMe we have been doing some work behind the scenes to improve your control panel. Some of you will have seen the message when you log in informing you of this and asking you to clear your browser cache, this is just a precaution to make sure everything works as it should; browsers download files from websites and store them locally in order to speed up your browsing experience, however they sometimes fail to detect when a file has changed and do not download the new version. Bad browser!

New Features

  1. Google Chrome Frame - we have added the Google Chrome Frame plugin to the control panel for users of Internet Explorer 6. If you are using IE6 you may have noticed a message asking if you would like to install Google Chrome Frame and use that to access the Control Panel. Google Chrome Frame is a free plug-in for Internet Explorer. Read about it here: http://www.google.com/chromeframe. We have done this so that users of the old browser can utilise the power and security of a modern browser without having to upgrade.
  2. Upgraded HTML editor - our HTML editor (the thing that looks like Word that you use to edit the text on your pages) has been upgraded. With this upgrade we have added the ability to show text exactly as it appears on your website with your styling. There is a new option in Control Panel Preferences to turn this on or off. It is not yet functioning for all sites but we will be implementing it over the coming months. If your site is not currently supported (i.e. enabling the "Use Site Style in Editors" option doesn't do anything) then drop a message via Support Tickets to us.
  3. Easy to order Add-Ons - there is now a page for you to order add-ons for your hosting or website, add-ons were discussed in our last newsletter.
  4. Site Setup - a new section in the control panel with site specific settings for you to change. This will be expanded in the future.

We currenty have a large list of enhancements that we will be making to the control panel over the coming months but if there is anything that you would like to see added or improved then please let us know.

WebMe System Status

The permanent link for the system status page has changed. We now have the more memorable www.webmestatus.co.uk, be sure to update your bookmarks (although the old link will continue to work).

Customer Support

We are still getting a lot of emails coming in for support that are addressed to individuals. Can we ask you to please use the online Support Tickets for support or the Live Help if it is urgent? This is so that there are no delays in answering your support query (i.e. if a member of staff is on holiday). All emails will soon be added to the Support Ticket system and followed up via that.

Well that's it for this newsletter, we hope you made it to the end!

See you in the next newsletter,


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