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Hopefully everyone is fully recovered from the Christmas and New Year festivities and back into the flow of things.
Over the Christmas period we made a few changes to our systems, such as email only invoicing and updating our mail storage space. We will cover these items in detail below and we also have some advice on how to store your emails so that you are using the system in the most efficient manner.

Invoicing Overhaul

If you have logged into your control panel recently you will have seen the announcement that we are no longer posting out invoices. This is to reduce administration costs and make our systems run more smoothly. The advantage of this is that you now have an area in your control panel to view all of your invoices and pay them online (Manage Account section).
The system will email you 30 days before your account is due to be settled in line with our Payment Terms and Conditions. It will also automatically disable accounts in line with the Payment Terms so it is important that we receive prompt payment.
If you have any queries about an Invoice then you should raise a support ticket.

Because invoices are only sent via email it is vital that you do not block any emails from WebMe. You should ensure that emails sent from our invoicing system are in your Address Book or safe senders list so that they do not get marked as Junk or Spam. Emails will come from the address no-reply@webme.co.uk.
Another way of ensuring that you do not miss an invoice is to add an alternative email address to your account, invoices will then be sent to both addresses. You can do this by editing your contact details in the Manage Account section of your Control Panel.

MailBox Limits Increased

We have now increased your WebMe mailbox quotas (for pop3 and IMAP) to 400MB! In just a few short months we have gone from 100MB to 250MB and now up to 400MB.
We want to make sure all WebMe customers can continue to manage their large attachments without having to constantly worry about deleting old emails. As someone who never likes to delete an Email, 400MB is great news!

Web Host Standard mail box limit
WebMe 400MB
Fasthosts 20MB
WebFusion 100MB

You can see how much space you have used by accessing your eXtend Control Panel and clicking on mailboxes.

However these are still only POP3 mailboxes and emails should ideally be downloaded to your PC for permanent storage. You can do this with many popular mail clients including Outlook, Windows Mail, Firebird and Mac Mail; full instructions on configuring popular mail clients can be found in the Help section of your Control Panel.
Please note that as part of our server house-keeping mailboxes which have not been checked for 100 days will be automatically deleted.

We have many more enhancements planned for the New Year so keep an eye on the announcements in your Control Panel.
Well that's it for now, wishing you all every success for the new year!

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